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Smokey Parmesan Crusted Roasted Potatoes



Okay, I got this idea the other night when I had two bags of potatoes with only the small ones left, having used the large ones as my baking potatoes. What to do? I love the roasted ones in the restaurants but really, yes, really...had never made them. So came up with the idea of cutting them into cubes, then into the steamer, steamed about 20 minutes until they were done. Then put them into a baking pan with the ingredients, tossed and voila...totaly yum!


as many small cubed potatoes as you want, steam them. I left the jackets on them after scrubbing and cutting off yukky parts.

I used a long small pan I could put into my small table top oven.

Melted butter, and a dab of oil, put that into the pan, spread around, saved some for the top.

sprinkled them with :


sea salt

garlic powder

Smoked Paprika (if you haven't tried that yet...oboy :-)

Shredded Parmesan

tossed that all with a spoon to coat it all,with the rest of the melted butter. Put into the broiler on 400 (or ??) till heated well, then sprinkled with shredded parmesan cheese, back into the oven till cheese is melty and toasty.

then serve....pretty easy to do and almost fancy. You could add any of your favorite spices, or onions too. Make it your own special dish.

I had so many of the steamed potatoes that I spread that out into two nights, used part up the first one, then the second night, I did it again, but you could change the spices, add this or that and make it totally different.

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If you have any recipes you would like to share with others, please email me, just try not copying it out of someone's copyrighted book please......:-) oops it takes a minute for the form to come up on crankyold crone contact page, so just email to meif you don't hear back or want to wait for it.


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