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Ham Pinwheel Sandwiches



1 long long french bread loaf

Ham (or other meat/filling)

Mayo if wanted

the big thing on these is to cut off the top and sides of the loaf

hard to do, so hold on, hard to cut thinly so the slices are about 1/4 inch think or more. I got three out of this loaf


I had on hand a pit smoked ham that was also cooked here. I ground up the ham and then added three different fillings.

Mayo was added to the whole batch first.

1. added some sweet pickle relish, salt and pepper, and you can add spices too

2. salt and pepper plus smoked paprika, and then put in the stuffed green olives as I rolled it up

3. just the basic ham mixture with mayo, salt and pepper and smoked paprika

I had devided the basic batch into three and then added the extra ingriedients which you could have fun playing with.

then put the spread on each of the long slices and rolled them up carefully. I pinned them together with toothpicks.

then put plastic wrap around each one and put on a plate into the frig over night.

The next day I took out the toothpicks and carefull sliced the wide rounds ito the thin pinwheel slices, put on a platter and voila, a pretty and different look for fancy sandwiches for a luncheon or whatever.


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If you have any recipes you would like to share with others, please email me, just try not copying it out of someone's copyrighted book please......:-) oops it takes a minute for the form to come up on crankyold crone contact page, so just email to me if you don't hear back or want to wait for it.


Sedna is the sea goddess of the Inuit people. She embodies both the mother and crone aspect of the triple goddess.
Common symbols for Sedna include water, an eye (sees all things in her domain), and fish. She embodies the ideals of thankfulness, providence, nature, and abundance.
She was born a mortal, and later became both the mother of the sea and the keeper of the dead.


"Sedna", Goddess of the Sea

Original clay sculpture, with a metallic finish

For sale by owner and creator.
There are no replicas of this, nor copies.

information/pics at the link


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