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Hampton's Rock Shop,Kerby,OR

Stolen Light Photography


Cobra Lily

GMO Free Josephine County

Suvida Products

River Valley Restaurant

Kare's Purple Rice Products


March 2016 Crone of the month

Ruth Overholser of Lady Thyme Herbs


March 2013 Crone of the month

Kidd Stubbs, owner of 'Gypsies'

A little bit of everything

549 Chetco Ave, Brookings, OR

Slideshow of her shop

I had the most delightful time visitind Kidd for the first time on my trip to Brookings. I had passed the shop on the way through and of course the name of the shop spoke to me, being a gypsy myself. We turned the car around and drove back there quickly as I could tell it was probably about closing time and I didn't get over there very often. Kidd was so welcoming and fun to talk too, we sat and chatted for the longest time. Her shop has a little bit of everything fun, pretty and interesting.

August 2012 Crone of the month

Billie from Cabin Chemistry

Billie has dedicated herself to bringing healthy products, information, food, and so much more to the inhabitants of Cave Junction for years. She is also involved in many projects to support the community. We love her and thank her for being here for all of us!


Here is a picture of an awesome pine needle basket creation by Pam

She came into Hamptons Rock Shop in Kirby, Oregon and was kind enough to share one of the creations she was working on. I wish I had gotten a picture of her with the basket as she is so innovative and makes such works of art. She is fron New Hampshire and does teach classes there too but right now is traveling with her husband.


I am Looking for nominations for more Crones of the you have one for us?


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Sedna is the sea goddess of the Inuit people. She embodies both the mother and crone aspect of the triple goddess.
Common symbols for Sedna include water, an eye (sees all things in her domain), and fish. She embodies the ideals of thankfulness, providence, nature, and abundance.
She was born a mortal, and later became both the mother of the sea and the keeper of the dead.


"Sedna", Goddess of the Sea

Original clay sculpture, with a metallic finish

For sale by owner and creator.
There are no replicas of this, nor copies.

information/pics at the link

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