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I have been keeping busy this last year working on my kitchen angels, which are refrigerator magnets, for the different seasons.

They are all hand made, sewn and I do it all, even paint the faces and make the hair, wings and robes. I hope you like them.


Angel refrigerator magnets

Christmas Angels for Sale on Etsy


my website is:

I have also been adding more videos to my youtube video channel, called Kate, please check those out too if you get the chance, and subscribe and ring the bell so you will get updates on my newest ones. Click on this link for that url Kate


I am open to input/articles/events for this website, please email me from the contact page




Sedna is the sea goddess of the Inuit people. She embodies both the mother and crone aspect of the triple goddess.
Common symbols for Sedna include water, an eye (sees all things in her domain), and fish. She embodies the ideals of thankfulness, providence, nature, and abundance.
She was born a mortal, and later became both the mother of the sea and the keeper of the dead.



"Sedna", Goddess of the Sea

Original clay sculpture, with a metallic finish

For sale by owner and creator.
There are no replicas of this, nor copies.

information/pics at the link

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